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A person who supplies start-up capital for a business is know as an angel investor. The capital is usually provided in exchange for partial ownership of the business. When two or more investors get together and pool their capital, it's usually known as an angel group or angel network.

Angels are different from venture capitalists because they use their own personal money to invest in a business. Venture capitalists invest from a fund which they manage on behalf of those who invest in the fund. If you are interested in connecting with an angel investor right now, you can find one using Angel Investment Network.

Evidence shows that angel funded startup companies are less likely to fail. This may be because of the experience and connections which angel investors often supply in a addition to funding. An angel investor's ability to help make connections which will get a product produced, marketed and in the hands of consumers can be just as beneficial to a startup business as a capital investment.

We have established relationships with a number of investors. When you're ready, we can introduce you to these investors and help you try and attain the full amount of startup capital you are seeking for your new business.

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