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Are you missing opportunities without a corporation?

Corporation, even the word can seem intimidating. When people hear the word corporation they often think of Fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart, General Motors or Apple. While all of those large companies are corporations, they are not good examples of an average corporation. A corporation can be formed by anyone regardless of how much money their business makes.

There are a number of reasons why people form corporations. For our purposes we will focus on corporations as they apply to building business credit. In order to build business credit you must separate yourself from your business. When a person forms a corporation, that corporation is considered to be a separate business entity. This means it is considered to be separate and apart from the individual who created it. You can form a new corporation or LLC right now at

After forming a corporation for your business and therefore separating yourself from your business, you can begin making your corporation creditworthy. As with personal credit there will be a credit score associated with your corporation which lets potential lenders know how likely they are to get their money back. We will show you how to build that score at an accelerated rate which is likely to create opportunities that otherwise would not exist.

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