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Are you using social media to benefit your business?

Social media can have an affect on your business that you might not expect. It allows you to do things like announce special offers, show how many people like your business, improve search engine listings and much more. Almost everyone knows that Facebook and Twitter are the two largest of these social platforms. However, it's important not to neglect other networks such as YouTube. Even if it's just a slide show or a single person in front of a webcam, a short commercial for your business could lead many potential clients to your business.

As part of our credit building program we suggest you create social media pages with most major social networks. It takes very little time and it's worth it for just about every business owner. Also, make sure you keep your personal social media account separate. Your business should have social media pages of its own.

If you intend to attract investors or raise capital via crowd funding, social media is essential. The number of likes you have on facebook, followers you have on twitter and subscribers you have on youtube may give people the confidence they need to open their wallets and invest. It's also important that you never buy social attention. People selling likes or tweets may lie to you in order to get paid. It doesn't take much work to find out if someone has genuine social attention or likes and tweets that were purchased from some virtual black market.

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