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A corporate credit card or business credit card is much like a personal credit card, except that it is in the name of your business. Just as you have a personal credit score, you can also build a credit score for your business. However, unlike personal credit establishing a credit score for a business doesn't happen on its own.

As a business owner you need to be proactive and take specific steps to ensure that a corporate credit score is established for your business. Then you must continue to take steps which will cause the score grow. Once your business has a great credit score you can begin applying for corporate credit cards. Our free corporate credit program explains the steps that should be taken and also the correct order which they should be taken in.

If you have already setup your business properly and you are ready to begin building business credit. Then you should apply for a secured card designed specifically to be used for business like the PEX Card by Visa - Prepaid Debit Card for Business. Using this card and paying your bill on time may help prove your business is a good credit risk.

Once your business has a great credit score, we will instruct you on which unsecured corporate credit cards to apply for as well as when to apply. More cards are becoming available all the time and our staff is continuously researching these cards to find out the qualifications required approval and the best way to meet those qualifications. We're doing the work for you so you can concentrate on doing business.

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Blue for Business Credit Card

More Points. More Opportunities. Year After Year.

As a reward for your loyalty, get 30% more Membership Rewards points each year that you can put back into your business, for client dinners, office equipment, electronics, or more.

The Plum Card

Built to Give New Possibilities for Your Business.

You know your business best. That's why The Plum Card® lets you decide when to pay each month. Plus, the Plum Card empowers small business owners to buy big.

Business Green Rewards Card

Rewards and Purchasing Power in One Card.

There is no limit to the number of points you can get. Choose rewards from over 500 leading brands in travel, gift cards, merchandise or entertainment.