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Numerous businesses would not exist today without the financial assistance provided by business loans. Lenders can provide the capital necessary to turn a business idea into an actual business. However, before approaching a lender it's very important to know exactly what they will expect from you. Knowing specific information regarding a lender's standards before you apply, could give you a vital advantage. So you should always know the eligibility criteria, application process and how to prepare your paperwork properly, before applying for a business loan.

If your monthly revenue exceeds $10,000 and you have been in business for at least six months Apply Now to get a business loan up to $500,000 from Price Funding.

You can apply for a business loan up to $250k with Credibly right now. If you have been in business for over six months and your monthly revenue exceeds $15,000 you have a reasonably good chance of getting a loan.

If you don't already have a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS File we can help you properly establish one and increase your odds of getting the money you need for business in other ways as well. Get started by filling out the form on this page and get instant access to our FREE system. Don't waste any more time. You can also call Dun & Bradstreet directly at 888-744-3849.

If your business is a startup or your monthly revenue is low there are still funding opportunities available to you. However, you might need to do a few things in order to make your business more attractive to lenders and we can show you how. We can help you put your business in the best position possible to qualify for a business loan before you approach a bank or other lending source. When we introduce you to our network of lenders you can apply for the money you need with confidence.

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